Let’s save the planet.
Let’s purify and sanitize the air that we breath.

SIFAM is the only purification system
that let you breathe with your full lungs the healthy air in your city.


SITIM (Italian Society of Technologies and Mechanical Industry ) is a company always dedicated to research and development of technological innovations. SITIM can boast several patents and has been mentioned and rewarded for years by the most important european specialist magazines as one of the best companies for growth and innovation.
Based on this brief premise, given this delicate moment in which our beloved planet is threatened by big environmental hazards and considering the pandemic cause by COVID-19 (Coronavirus), SITIM’s goal is to contribute to the wellbeing of all the people in the world, making one its patent applications up for development.
This patent application named “SIFAM AIR PURIFICATION” comes after many years of experience in ecological processes. It consists of a DEVICE TO BE INSTALLED BOTH IN URBAN AREAS AND INDOORS, due to trade secret, it can only be said that this device vacuums and purifies air sending it through several dry and liquid filtering systems.
SITIM appeals to all world institutions, organizations and companies interested in the cooperation, development and production of these devices to be installed in cities and indoor environments, to purify and sanitize air.

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