Automotive Packaging Solutions

SITIM is specialise in providing innovative automotive packaging solutions for the car industry. SITIM design and manufacture a wide range of packaging products which are supplied to most of the major vehicle manufacturers.

In the automotive industry, it is crucial to have packaging solutions that deliver ultimate protection for high value goods and parts: from the engine to small mechanical elements and decorative interior items, the production of a vehicle requires thousands of different components.

SITIM Packaging solutions deliver the ultimate protection for high value automotive goods.

What is Polyethylene ?

Polyethylene (PLT)

Polyethylene is it one of the most versatile of plastics, used in everything . It’s also widely recycled, in both its rigid form and flexible form (e.g., bags).

    It’s lightweight yet super-strong.

And why many carmakers use HDPE fuel tanks—lighter weight car parts can help increase fuel efficiency.

   It’s impact resistant.

   It’s long lasting and weather resistant

   It resists mold, mildew, rotting, and insects

   It’s easily molded into nearly any shape, providing one of the primary benefits of most plastics: malleability.

Vi sono tre tipi di polietilene:
-HDPE (High Density)
Flexible, translucent/waxy, weatherproof, good low temperature toughness (to -60'C), easy to process by most methods, low cost, good chemical resistance.
-LDPE and LLDPE (Low Density and Linear Low Density)
Semi-rigid, translucent, very tough, weatherproof, good chemical resistance, low water absorption, easily processed by most methods, low cost.
PHYSICAL PROPERTIES:Tensile Strength 0.20 - 0.40 N/mm², Notched Impact Strength no break Kj/m², Thermal Coefficient of expansion 100 - 220 x 10-6, Max Cont Use Temp 65 oC, Density 0.917 - 0.930 g/cm3

Film for packaging is one of the largest markets for low density polyethylene. Low cost, ease of sealing and good product protection have helped to make film the largest polyethylene market.

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